Naturalists At Large, Team Building


“I was very impressed with the trip this year. I wanted to convey my admiration for the job Michelle and your crew did. I had an amazing time and the kids were part of an amazing experience that they will treasure forever. Thank you.”

George - Director of Student Activities, The Buckley School

“The NAL staff last week was awesome. Every one of your folks were engaged, professional, energetic, prepared, and great to our kids. I know that does not just happen because you are ‘lucky’ enough to hire great people. You do find fine people, but you also train them, guide them, and ‘get them’ to be the fine educators that they are.  Thank you!”

Jeff - Teacher, Brentwood School

“I want to let you know how impressed I am, once again , with the professionalism of the people with whom we work at NAL. Many thanks to all.”

Peter - Head of School, Rolling Hills Prep - 8th grade Lower Colorado River Trip

“I want to thank Naturalists At Large for doing such a wonderful job in handling our son’s multiple food allergies. Jefferson came home today from their 2 night trip and told me everyone took such amazing care to make sure he had the right foods. He was even introduced to a new snack which he thought was delicious. Granola bars and cereals were provided that he and all kids could eat together. When our son is able to eat what everyone else is eating, he feels “normal” and part of the group. This was his best trip ever! I can’t thank you enough…truly. Dale”

Dale - Mother, Keys School, 4th grade - Olema

“We can tell that NAL is extremely organized, values input from participants and really cares about making a great outdoor experience for all kids. Thank you from the 8th grade Ufsa team.”

Candice - Teacher, United For Success / 8th grade, Skylark Ranch

“Excellent. I was very impressed by the way the program ran. This was my first experience with NAL and I was very pleased with logistical arrangements.”

Dana - Teacher, Cathedral School for Boys

“I’m always thrilled to bring kids to the Pinnacles because NAL does such a great job engaging, educating, and entertaining the kids.”

Sarah - Teacher, Cathedral School For Boys

“I was extremely impressed by Naturalists at Large staff and programming. Thank you for the work you do! You are making a positive impression and life long great memories on the children in your programs. In years to come, when people ask these kids who had an important positive impact on their lives – many of you will be the person they name! The work you do is that important!”

Heidi - Parent, Kipp Summit

“NAL is one of the best-run outdoor ed. programs I’ve seen and I am constantly impressed by the skill and preparation of the Naturalists. Bravo!”

Mr. Kyle - Teacher, Town School For Boys

“Hello Naturalists at Large, It is with great pleasure to inform you that Naturalists at Large helped participate in over 1800 hours of non-native, invasive plant species removal within Pinnacles National Monument. Throughout this year, over 471 volunteers tackled Horehound, Italian Thistle, Summer Mustard, and Yellow-Star Thistle, all plant species that threaten the stability of our chaparral habitat. With thousands of weeds pulled from within Pinnacles National Monument, you have contributed to the conservation and restoration of these protected lands. Volunteers are vital to our Pinnacles habitat restoration project, and I thank you for participating! We couldn’t do it without you!! I invite you to join us again for next year’s exciting weed pulling season! Have a fantastic and colorful fall, and I hope to see you again in the spring!!”

Tessa - Volunteer Coordinator for Natural Resources, Pinnacles National Monument

“Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me about the food on the WNS retreat. My daughters had a fantastic time. I heard a lot about the retreat from them and it all sounds very well organized and extremely enjoyable for everyone. I think they learned a few things about teamwork too! Thank you so much!”

Sarah - Parent / 6th Grade, Malibu Creek State Park Program

“Just wanted to let you know how amazingly wonderful our trip on Tuesday turned out. Your naturalists were fabulous. Their plans worked out perfectly, and the only real rain we felt was after lunch when we were down from the trail. The beach in the afternoon turned out to be blue sky, sun, and dolphins cavorting in the waves (just like you planned!). I’m so glad we all pushed forward with the trip. The kids had a terrific time and so did all the adults. Thank you so much for all the planning and follow-up. We look forward to hearing from you next spring with our 2011 date!! Thanks again for your hard work.”

Sarah - Private school teacher, Sycamore Canyon program

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