Virtual Naturalists

In an effort to support our schools and teachers, we have designed a number of virtual offerings to help assist you in the upcoming semester.

Additional Resources for Teachers and Parents

Looking to gain technical skills that will give you the tools to hit the trail?  Gain confidence and resilience to take with you anywhere with these examples of camp-based skills:

Shelter Building
Knot tying
How to pack a Backpack
Navigation with Map and Compass
Leave no Trace Principles
Trip planning and preparedness

Where are you planning to head this Spring…Pinnacles, Catalina, Yosemite? Prepare for your upcoming program to one of our beautiful locations by digging deeper into the knowledge of flora, fauna, wildlife, history, and more!  They say the more you know about a place the MORE you care.

California Sense of Place
Flora and Fauna of the Area
Natural and Human History
Geology of the Area
How to be best prepared for the environment at the site.


Contact Ally for more information by email or by phone 805-642-2692

These offerings are flexible and can be combined in any way you see fit.  We are also happy to customize offerings specific to your group of students.

A Virtual Naturalist is a master at adaptations, which means they can develop various programs that can fit the needs of any group.  Start your school year off with a spectacular Virtual Naturalists program led by some of the best facilitators on the west coast!

Explore a series of get-to-know-you style activities where all students will learn the strengths and talents of their fellow classmates. You can break the ice with both new and returning students by giving them a chance to shine!

Hot Seat
Charade Introductions
A Slice of Life
2 Truths and 1 Lie
10 Common Things
Interpretive Stories

Have your class bond as a group by participating in challenging and fun activities that encourage communication, cooperation, and creative thinking with the following series:

Smile at ME
Telephone Charades
Group contracts and structured goal planning




“This was a really great way for us to close out the last few days of school. Our students are really missing their social connections and the ability to just talk to one another so this was a perfect way for them to share and connect. The scavenger hunt was a fun, quick way for lots of students to talk in an organized way.” -Lauren Greenless, Keys School

“…despite the limits and challenges of learning and interaction over computer screen, NAL was STILL able to accomplish many of the wonderful goals they do -of team building and connecting with the natural world. This was such a great adaptation to the times. Thank you for offering such a great course for our students. I’m blown away that you are able to offer such a great course over a computer screen during such strange times! Thank you!” -Carlos, Live Oak School

“Yes! It was fun to hang out with the students and be a participant with them and not so much a teacher. I thought the activities were clever and induced creativity without making it ‘school.'” -Roz Hague-Foster, Live Oak School

“You guys are our heroes.” -Renata Martin, Live Oak School

“The kids who I haven’t gotten to know very well in an academic setting were more engaged, active, and lit up in ways I haven’t yet seen.” -Mandy, Live Oak School