Serrano Campground

Serrano Campground
Overlooking the shores of Big Bear Lake, Serrano Campground is nestled in the pine forests of the San Bernardino Mountain Range.

San Bernardinos are one of the few major mountain ranges in the world that run east-west. Hiking trails can be accessed directly from the campsite and offer miles of scenic walking up to panoramic views of the surrounding area. Additionally, kayaking in the lake offers a great opportunity to explore Big Bear Lake.

Educational Overview:

Curriculum Available: All curricula are compatible with the California State Science Standards.

Sense of Place: An introductory activity geared toward gaining an appreciation for not only the variety of landscapes California offers, but how our site fits into it both historically and in present day.

Geology: As one of the four transverse mountain ranges in the world, the San Bernardino Mountains offers an opportunity to study the intricate geological past of Southern California.

Plant Communities/ID: The plant community surrounding Big Bear Lake is primarily Sierra Montane Forest. The dominant trees in this area include: Douglas Fir, Jeffrey Pine, and White Fir.

Water Resources: learn about pollution, sewage and water sources that affect this distinctive mountain area

Native History: The Serranos and the Cahuillas located their villages alongside streams, around spring and lakes, or at the mouths of canyons. Food, water, clothing, and shelter considerations appear to have been the primary reasons for village locations. These people migrated with the seasons as the weather and available foods dictated.

Outdoor skills: how would you survive in the natural environment without the benefit of modern technology and its conveniences? Learn about edible plants, structure building, making fire and the like!

Evening Programs: Astronomy, Sensory Awareness and Campfire

Journaling: journals that can be utilized for observational, subject and individually based journaling.

Group building: Activities facilitated by your naturalist to help your trail group grow as a functional unit.

Trust Initiatives: Trust building activities to support individual challenge activities.

Site Facilities:

Family tent camping sites with clean bathrooms and token showers. Naturalists at Large provides tents and prepares all food for tent based camp sites.

Activities Available:

Hiking: Explore the trails around Serrano Campground by accessing the Cougar Crest Trail

Scheduled Docent & Ranger Talks: Experience the Big Bear Discovery Center and knowledgeable docents.

Kayaking: Paddle the shores of Big Bear Lake