Sequoia National Park – Lodgepole

Lodgepole Campground is our base for exploring the nearby Giant Forest, California’s largest sequoia grove.

Sequoia National Park - Lodgepole
Set in the central Sierra Nevada’s, Sequoia has 14,000 foot backcountry peaks, active glaciers, pristine lakes & streams, sheer, massive granite cliffs, giant trees, beautiful meadows and tall waterfalls.

The range and variety of the landscape, for many, is too much to describe. Giant Forest with its towering Sequoia is the main attraction of the park and with that designation receives over 90 % of the visitation. Lodgepole’s family campsites are scattered along Tokapah fork of the Kaweah river. The campground is conveniently located for exploring the visitor center, Tokopah Falls, the Giant Forest and the High Sierra Peaks in the backcountry. All this without the crowds of Yosemite it’s a perfect place for school educational programs.


The program will allow students to explore the mixed conifer forest of Sequoia National Park with experienced naturalists. Programs can emphasize Sierra geology (mountain building process, stream erosion, and glacial landscapes), seasonal forest ecology. Native American history and other themes arranged with the faculty of the school.

The program of hiking and group activities will emphasize each student’s responsibility to the environment. The unique natural history of the Sierra mixed conifer forest and associated plants and animals (with special emphasis on seasonal ecological processes). The importance of national parks to all people and the sharing of impressions through group discussions and individual journal exercises are emphasized. This shared group experience will foster school spirit and increase group unity.

All Naturalists at Large programs include elements of group cooperation and individual physical challenge appropriate to the group. These challenges include destination hikes, explorations, and cooperative activities. Throughout the day, students will be involved with hands-on activities to increase their knowledge of the world around them and their ability to work together.

  • Sequoia National Park; A Sense of Place. How are our urban environments and Sequoia’s similar/different? How do urban areas impact the wilderness? Why are there National Parks?
  • Geology of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Birds of the Sierra
  • Tree identification
  • Plants and Animals
  • Black Bears
  • The conifer forest
  • High Sierra weather
  • Plant and animal adaptations
  • Glaciation vs. Mass Wasting
  • We will stress the importance of safe outdoor travel. Emphasis will be tailored to complement the goals of the school.
  • Leadership development and decision-making is enhanced through group building and initiative activities.