Leavitt Meadow – High Sierra

This campground provides a perfect base camp for an intermediate backpack into the heart of the Sierra Range.

Leavitt Meadow - High Sierra
Located About 7 miles from the Hwy 395 / Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) Junction about a half hour drive from Bridgeport, CA.

With miles of beautiful high country filled with countless crystal clear lakes, sparkling streams, breath-taking mountains and valleys filled with classic stands of Lodgepole Pine, White Fir and a colorful array of wild flowers that you will see only in the Eastern Sierra country. This is our home base for backpacking the Humboldt-Toyabe Wilderness.

Site Overview

This campground is centrally located for visits to nearby lakes and high peaks. This Central Sierra Range is an amazing place to introduce the novice backpacker to world class scenary. Near Leavitt Meadows Campground you can walk upon the Early Emigrant and Indian Trails, which are great hiking trails running along or near the West Walker River. Naturalists at Large operates under an Outfitter – Guide permit issued by the Humboldt-Toyabe Ranger District.

Educational Overview
  • Learn Leave No Trace skills for wilderness travel.
  • Learn to pitch a tent.
  • Learn how to stay comfortable in a variety of mountain weather.
  • Back country cooking.
  • Learn how to walk. Learning how to pace yourself and how to move comfortably over back-country trails.
  • Learn to watch the sky. Learn the basics of predicting and preparing for changes in weather.
  • Learn navigation.
Educational Themes
  • The Range of Light: A Sense of Place.
  • Why are there public lands?
  • Geology of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Birds of the Sierra
  • Tree identification
  • Plants and Animals
  • Black Bears
  • The conifer forest
  • High Sierra weather
  • Plant and animal adaptations
  • Glaciation vs. Mass Wasting