Kings Canyon National Park – Grant Grove

Home to the nation’s Christmas tree, the giant trees will keep you awestruck for a week

Kings Canyon National Park - Grant Grove
From a base camp in Kings Canyon National Park’s Grant Grove section your students can explore the adjacent giant Sequoia groves or shuttle to the floor of Kings Canyon at Cedar Grove.

The program will allow students to explore the mixed conifer forest of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks with experienced naturalists. Programs can emphasize Sierra geology (mountain building process, stream erosion, and glacial landscapes), giant sequoia ecology, seasonal forest ecology. Native American history and other themes arranged with the faculty of the school

Educational Overview
  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks; A Sense of Place. How are our urban environments and Sequoia similar/different? How do urban areas impact the wilderness? Why are there National Parks?
  • Geology of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • The ecology of Giant Sequoias
  • Birds of the Sierra
  • Tree identification
  • Plants and Animals
  • Black Bears
  • The conifer forest
  • High Sierra weather
  • Plant and animal adaptations
  • Leadership development and decision-making is enhanced through group building and initiative activities.

We always stress the importance of safe wilderness travel

Naturalists at Large will use the evening as an alternative activity/learning time for students. Each evening will have a different focus.

  • Astronomy: constellations, motion of stars and planets, stellar evolution, stories and myths.
  • Role playing social situations, dilemmas, etc.
  • Evening hikes to foster confidence in at night with no artificial light. We also cover adaptations of animals and birds to the night.
  • Traditional campfire: songs, stories and skits performed by the students and Naturalists at Large staff.