Camp Round Meadow

Camp Marcil at Round Meadow

A mountain camp nestled beneath the pines. Round Meadow is ideal for smaller groups who want their privacy.

Camp Round Meadow
The camp is located a mile from Jenks Lake, in a pine-fir forest at 6,700 feet above sea level.

Round Meadow has spacious grounds, and an extensive trail system. The adjacent San Bernardino National Forest provides additional hiking trails; several climb to ridges overlooking surrounding area. The camp borders the San Gorgonio wilderness. There are many opportunities for exploring several different environments – mixed conifer forest, meadow, rocky slopes, and fresh water streams. In the early fall or late spring the days range from the mid-60s to low 70s. The night’s range from the mid-40s down to the low 30s.

Site Overview

Round Meadow has cabin dormitories. The camp will house approximately one hundred eighty people during a program. Participants stay in heated cabins with access to adjacent bathrooms Meals are in the cafeteria, except for lunches eaten while on the trail.

Hiking, initiative games, group challenges, high and low challenge courses, outpost camps (optional), group art, astronomy, earth science, life science, and age appropriate environmental science activities. Group and individual challenges, cooperative challenges, increased identification with the natural environments and basic natural history of the area are included. Introduction to environmental science concepts, minimum impact wilderness travel, outdoor skills, camping techniques, and a shared common experience are included.

Educational Overview
  • Plant communities – botany, ecology, plant identification
  • Adapta­tions of plants and animals
  • Geology – landforms
  • The stars – cosmology, constellations, & mythology
  • Environmen­tal resource management
  • Outdoor skills – tents, maps, compass, Dutch oven cooking, knots….
  • Snow forest ecology