Our Sites

Leavitt Meadow – High Sierra

This campground provides a perfect base camp for an intermediate backpack into the heart of the Sierra Range.

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Mono Lake – Eastern Sierra

The unique nature of Mono Lake makes it one of the best places in California to learn about migration, species diversity and the political role of water in the most populous state in the Union.

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Calaveras Big Trees State Park

There is nothing like camping under the big trees in the high Sierra. This park has an elaborate trail system,an excellent visitor’s center and lends itself to an emphasis on camping skills, hiking, and Sierra natural and human history.

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Yosemite National Park

Half Dome and El Capitan are but two of the awe inspiring wonders you'll see in our country's most visited national park.

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Kings Canyon National Park – Grant Grove

Home to the nation’s Christmas tree, the giant trees will keep you awestruck for a week

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Sequoia National Park – Lodgepole

Lodgepole Campground is our base for exploring the nearby Giant Forest, California’s largest sequoia grove.

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Camp Del Oro – Sierra Foothills

This area provides endless opportunities for outdoor science, hiking, and challenge activities. Located in the mountains just outside the town of Neveda City, the camp is about an hour and a half east of Sacramento.

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Montecito Sequoia Lodge, Snow

Montecito Sequoia Lodge

Just outside the Redwood Mountain section of Kings Canyon National Park, Montecito Sequoia Resort is an all-season outdoor education and retreat site.

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Camp Whitsett

Located in the southern Sierra, this site features a large challenge course with low and high elements, modest rock climbing in camp, and a man-made lake with canoes and kayaks.

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