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Camp Round Meadow

Camp Marcil at Round Meadow

A mountain camp nestled beneath the pines. Round Meadow is ideal for smaller groups who want their privacy.

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Camp Whittle

Located a mile from Big Bear Lake, in a mixed conifer forest at 7,200 feet, Camp Whittle has spacious grounds, a challenge course, and an extensive trail system. The adjacent San Bernardino National Forest provides miles of wilderness vistas.

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Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake has spacious grounds, a large lake, and an extensive trail system. The high and low challange courses here offer a multitude of challanges. Students might spend the day hiking hiking to Castle Rock to do some rock climbing while exploring the flora and fauna of the beautiful forest along the way.

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Alpine Meadows

Nestled in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, Alpine Meadows is the perfect site for fresh air, mountain vistas, gorgeous wooded acreage, personalized service and the best facilities around.

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