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Yosemite National Park

Half Dome and El Capitan are but two of the awe inspiring wonders you'll see in our country's most visited national park.

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Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake has spacious grounds, a large lake, and an extensive trail system. The high and low challange courses here offer a multitude of challanges. Students might spend the day hiking hiking to Castle Rock to do some rock climbing while exploring the flora and fauna of the beautiful forest along the way.

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Camp Whitsett

Located in the southern Sierra, this site features a large challenge course with low and high elements, modest rock climbing in camp, and a man-made lake with canoes and kayaks.

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Joshua Tree National Park

There are few places on Earth as magical and stunningly beautiful as Joshua Tree National Park.

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Rock Climbing @ Pinnacles

Pinnacles National Park

Located along the transition between the Coast Ranges and the San Joaquin Valley, Pinnacles is a mosaic of chaparral-covered slopes and lovely spring wildflowers.

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