Albia is originally from Wheaton, IL and graduated from Illinois State University with a major in Parks and Recreation Administration.   Since her first season in 2016, she has taken on many roles.  Each role is a new and exciting learning experience for her.  Starting as a naturalist Albia found the joys of traveling throughout California to different sites each week and enjoys the challenges of learning all you can about a new place.  She found her groove when she took on the role of Waterfront Manager on Catalina Island, that is where she was crowned Mermaid Queen for her love of snorkeling and free diving through the kelp forests of the Pacific Coast.  Her other hobbies include hiking with her dog Paco, aerial silks, backpacking, and rock climbing.
Albia loves working for NAL for the diversity of locations and the life long relationships that continue to be made each season.  Albia now works as a Field Coordinator for our Lodge Based Programs as well as our Catalina Island programs.  Needless to say, her favorite NAL site to work is Catalina Island!