Our Instructors

  • Mike NesbittGeneral Manager

    Hailing originally from Wisconsin, Mike Nesbitt graduated from Northland College on the shores of Lake Superior with a degree in Adventure Education.  The pull of the Pacific was too much to resist, and he now currently resides in Ventura, California.  Mike has held multiple positions at Naturalists at Large for over 20 years, and currently serves as General Manager.  In his free time Mike enjoys being in the outdoors and spending time with his family.

  • Traci GoldmanStaffing - HR Coordinator
    Traci is NAL’s Staffing HR Coordinator and she has been rocking that role since 2001.  She was born in Omaha but moved to Ventura when I was 6 months old, so she considers herself a native of Cali.  Traci is friendly, caring, and loves her family.  In her free time she likes to wine taste, watch football and go to Estate sales. Traci likes working at NAL because it’s nice to work for a company that stands behind their employees and truly cares for them.  Her favorite thing about NAL is the staff.
  • Julie FontesLogistics Manager

    Julie is a trail addict with a passion for cooking, gardening, and sleeping in her own bed. She is pleased to be surrounded by beautiful places and the people she loves in Ventura. She likes working for NAL because the NAL staff is continuously making efforts to affect change in ways that make the world a better place. Her favorite NAL location is the Santa Monica Mountains because it is so close to home, she can explore it all day and then tuck into her bed, clean and tired when the sun goes down. She is originally from Ventura, California and started working for NAL as the warehouse coordinator in 2015.

  • Jacquie FergusonOffice Coordinator
    Jacquie Ferguson is the velvety voice of our phones and is the Office Coordinator at Naturalists at Large.  She loves to garden, cook, knit and crochet. Also, she is an avid sports watcher.  February, 2021 will be her 20th year working for NAL!  She is originally from Palmerston North in New Zealand, but she has lived in the States since 1979 and recently became a citizen (woohoo!).  Jacquie likes NAL because it is a Great company to work for and we are all well looked after.  Her favorite thing about NAL is the energy boost of being around our wonderful naturalists.
  • Albia AyeField Coordinator
    Albia is originally from Wheaton, IL and graduated from Illinois State University with a major in Parks and Recreation Administration.   Since her first season in 2016, she has taken on many roles.  Each role is a new and exciting learning experience for her.  Starting as a naturalist Albia found the joys of traveling throughout California to different sites each week and enjoys the challenges of learning all you can about a new place.  She found her groove when she took on the role of Waterfront Manager on Catalina Island, that is where she was crowned Mermaid Queen for her love of snorkeling and free diving through the kelp forests of the Pacific Coast.  Her other hobbies include hiking with her dog Paco, aerial silks, backpacking, and rock climbing.
    Albia loves working for NAL for the diversity of locations and the life long relationships that continue to be made each season.  Albia now works as a Field Coordinator for our Lodge Based Programs as well as our Catalina Island programs.  Needless to say, her favorite NAL site to work is Catalina Island!
  • Tori Polehonka

    Tori is from Chino Hills, CA and graduated from New England College – Outdoor Leadership & Sport and Recreation Management was her major and where she found her calling.  Tori’s special interests include hockey, learning guitar, drawing and climbing.  She is always excited to work in Big Bear Lake, CA.

  • Jake CarpenterNaturalist & Program Coordinator

    Jake is originally from Orange County, CA.  He graduated from Chapman University with a major in Kinesiology.  He loves backpacking all over California, and during the winters, he works for ski patrol in Southern California.  Jake’s favorite NAL site to work is Yosemite.

  • Erin MohrNaturalist & Program Coordinator

    Erin calls Sheboygan, WI her hometown.  She graduated from Portland State University, and during the NAL season Erin loves to live out of her Ford Transit named Pearl and is an Avid Marcel the Shell enthusiast!  Erin’s favorite site to work at with NAL is Joshua Tree.

  • James DirosaNaturalist & Program Coordinator

    James is originally from Gilmanton, NH and graduated from the University of New Hampshire, with a BS in Recreation Management.  There are SO MANY activities to enjoy but his favorites are skiing, rock climbing, and traveling to new places.  His favorite place to work is Yosemite — “The natural beauty is overwhelming every time I go there. Each time I go it feels just as inspiring as the first time.”

  • Anna Greenberg

    Although born and raised in Washington DC, Anna Greenberg has deep family roots in California. As a child, she couldn’t wait for the summer to come, which meant travels through the Sierras. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, she spent a few years traveling and working in places such as New Zealand, the Middle East, Thailand, and the Southwest, until she found her dream job working with NAL, in Spring 2009.

    These days you can find Anna working and exploring all over California, especially in her beloved Sierra and desert regions. She loves canoeing, rock climbing, snorkeling, and kayaking, but her favorite outdoor activity is still simply to grab some comfy shoes and a water bottle, and go out for a wander.