Naturalists at Large Challenge Course

Challenge Courses

Challenge courses/ high ropes are ideal for team building. Working together to overcome physical and mental obstacle elements, students hone communication skills, expand their senses of possibility, and build camaraderie.

Challenge Courses

❯ Details

Our Challenge course programs are focused on a safe, yet challenging experience. The foundation is an organized “ground school” where the techniques of belaying are introduced.

❯ Challenge by Choice

Naturalists at Large places great emphasis on a successful experience for all of its participants. Participants will dictate the amount of challenge they are comfortable with.  This philosophy is referred to as “Challenge by Choice”.

In addition to learning safe belaying techniques, students learn to work together toward a common goal.

Sites that offer this Activity

Camp Marcil at Round Meadow
Camp Whittle
Camp Gilmore / Camp Lawrence Daley
Koinonia Conference Grounds
Shalom Institute
Forest Home Ojai
Cedar Lake
Camp Del Oro – Sierra Foothills
El Capitan Canyon & Ocean Mesa
Alpine Meadows

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