Malibu Creek State Park

Flowing for over twenty five miles before spilling into the Ocean, Malibu Creek is the principal water course of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Malibu Creek State Park
The campground at Malibu Creek State Park has excellent facilities and a superb location.

Students and faculty stay in tents supplied by NAL and use central bathrooms. We set a central outdoor dining area for breakfast and dinner; students assist with preparing and serving food buffet-style. Lunches are eaten “on the trail” as the groups explore the mountains. Campfire areas are available for evening use. In case of inclement weather tarp shelters are available. The location in the center of the Park offers many opportunities for exploring the diverse environments of the Santa Monica Mountains­ and adjacent areas.

Educational Overview

Each trail group is with a Naturalist and a faculty or parent chaperon for the entire program.  Educational Themes include:

  • Freshwater biology, stream ecology, and the water (hydrologic) cycle
  • Plant communities – botany, ecology, plant classification, taxonomy & the use of plant keys
  • Adapta­tions of plants and animals for surviving this land of little rain
  • Geology – landforms, plate tectonics
  • The stars – the solar system, cosmology, star identification & constellations
  • Environmen­tal resource management
  • Water resources – pollution, sewage treatment, water sources
  • Outdoor skills
  • Invertebrate zoology & bird watching
  • The academic aspects of the program emphasize the study of water: fresh, marine, and brackish
  • The natural history of the Santa Monica Moun­tains
  • Man’s role in the modification of the mountains
  • Using natural resources wisely

Leadership development and decision-making is enhanced through group building and initiative activities.